Making the most of today's technology, we work closely with our clients both in-person and remotely, which allows us to provide effective services worldwide.

This unit is led by past senior executives of market leading NTO (National Tourism Organisation), STOs (State Tourism Organisation) and airlines. They have exceptional market knowledge and own remarkable relationships and networks with key industry stakeholders in different distribution channels. Their strategic thinking is an absolute must for your business plans in the China market. They add value to your marketing plans by effective targeting at the distributors right for your business. They are well respected and are the opinion leaders in the industry.

This dedicated team has profound consumer marketing background in China, including brand, media and public relations. Their industry expertise ranges from advertising, publications, media events to crisis management. They are also professional and inspired copywriters who can add value to your marketing executions in China.

With an unrivalled blend of expertise in creative copywriting, graphic design, user engagement, data-analyzing and campaign management, the talented new media team members craft vivid, compelling and hyper-relevant content on new media channels in China. Being trusted advisers to our clients, we help them make solid decisions, grow and engage with target audience.

The team is comprised of experts with SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website/webpage design and online campaign experiences. The team's expertise has also extended to e-commerce development recently. They own the knowledge and tactics of the most popular technology to strengthen the bridge between China and your destination through the internet.

Full of specialists across graphic, visual and applied design, the Design and Production team is central to winning minds of specific consumer segments. We understand that consumer sentiment and the market trends are critical to your artwork or marketing tool production. We also believe that cost-effectiveness is one of the most important points to consider for our clients. The deliverables are always designs with the client's voices combined with the team's exceptional creativity.

Our professional team has strong background with event organisers, DMCs (Destination Management Company) and PCOs (Professional Conference Organiser). They are considered the best deliverers for all of your needs in event organisation. They have extremely dynamic personalities; together with innovative implementation approaches, they are fully equipped to run events of any style and scale.